It is recognized that:
  • Every sport activity (rafting, canoe, kayak, white-water swimming, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, speleology) is organized by Nunayak rafting.
  • Every bar and restaurant services are organized by Nunabar.
The Nunayak and Nunabar brands are directed by SARL Nunayak. SARL Nunayak identity :
  • Address : Le Bellavista, 74 740, Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval
  • SIRET number 513.112.789, code APE 8551-­‐Z
  • Stated sport establishment DDCSPP of Haute-­‐Savoie under the number ET001813
  • Professional civil liability of the National Labor Union of the Professional Guides of Canoe – Kayak
Every stay, activity and service is subjected to the General Terms and Sales Conditions. Individualized agreements may complete or modify the General Terms and Sales Conditions. In any case, the agreement shall be signed on 3 copies by the contracting parties.


Outdoor activities take place in a natural environment without any facilities. Practicing those outdoor sports may be dangerous. Technical, human, and material choices must be made after having estimated the risks of practicing those outdoor sports. However, the guide is here to estimate and reduce the possible risks generated by practicing outdoor sports. On no account the guide erases the entire incurred risks.

a) The indicated rates include:

The sport education directed by graduated guides, but also the technical and educational materials needed to practice every outdoor sport Nunayak offers.

b) Attendance:

In order to participate at the briefing session, you must not have medical problems, be healthy, know how to swim especially for white-water activities (for -18 years old persons: a 25m swimming certificate or a swimming certificate must be shown at the booking office). By participating, you agree to respect the safety instructions and technical advice of the guide before the departure and during the outing.

c) Coaching

Our guides are State-certified in their professional discipline declared to the DDCSPP of the Haute-­‐Savoie region. Any participation in the courses is subjected to their appreciation, which will depend on the moral and physical capacities of the participants. The guide reserves the right to refuse the practice of a certain sport or to redirect the customer on another discipline. We also reserve the right to establish the groups in the various boats for safety and organization reasons.

d) Safety:

The feasibility of an activity does not depend on the reservation that the customer made, but on multiple parameters contributing to the good progress of the practice. Any activity is submitted to the approval of the guide who will be the only person to approve the descent according to the weather conditions, the configuration of the river, and the moral and physical capacities of the customer. The guide will be able to choose at any time a better activity and/or a course, which will be more adapted for the customer.

e) Insurance

Our guides have a professional civil liability. However, it is recommended that every participant should have an insurance that covers the practice of sport activities and in particular the white-water activities.

f) Admission

Activities tha are proposed by Nunayak Rafting are open to everyone. However, specific age limits are applicable to certain activities. Knowing how to swim is an essential condition for activities in white-water. If someone makes a reservation for many persons, the subscriber is held responsible to let the other customers know about the General Terms and Sales Conditions.


Booking sport activities undertakes in a sense guides, material, and the necessary staff for the smooth running of the activity. By booking a session with us, you engage yourself to participate and settle the engagement you took.

a) Booking method

By quote:

Every estimation request will only be sent by email. Nunayak will send you an offer, which you will have to sign and send back by email or by post with a deposit.

By phone:

Every reservation made by phone will be considered as a pre-reservation and will need the payment of a deposit in order to confirm your booking.

Booking confirmation:

Every reservation will be confirmed once we receive the deposit payment. No reservation will be confirmed without any payment. A complete payment is needed for the last-minute bookings.

Please note that every deposit payment is definitive.

b) Payment methods

The accepted payment methods are: credit cards, holidays cheques, meal vouchers, cash, bank transfers and administrative vouchers.


a) Rates:

Our prices are either all charges included or duty-free – they include  a 10 to 20 VAT percent and special rates. All our flyers are intended to individuals and groups. They always mention all charges included prices. The only rates we propose in duty-free are for professional requests. The rates of the activities we offer are indicated on every available document, which presents our activities and will also be repeated when booking. In case of an all included booking inquiry, set-up fees will be charged according to the time we will have worked on your request. The fixed prices will be charged – except every additional option you would have added to your booking. No reduced prices or special prices will be possible once one has made a reservation.

b) Reduction:

No other discount, reduction other than those proposed by our reservation team can be granted. The website managed by Nunayak may propose punctual special offers, which are to be applied on the reservation only under the reference of these offers and over the announced periods. Nunayak is a partner of certain special offers. Reductions and special rates cannot be cumulated. Special reduced coupons or vouchers are to be examined and can be accepted if the personal study case is positive. These vouchers and coupons cannot be applied to the special multi activity rates, activity packages, group or reduced rates.

c) The guide involvement

The guide involvement includes a qualified and certified guide for one or several customers as well as the technical and educational material. Our prices are fixed and depend on the activities we do on the day of the reservation.

d) Gift cards:

A gift card is valid during the current season and could be paid before coming at our rafting base. It must contain the name of the receiver and the giver and also must be approved by the Nunayak stamp. A gift card makes on no account a reservation. The receiver should contact our reservation team in order to make a reservation and secure the booking. On the day of the activity, the original gift card will be asked to the customer. Please note that any scanned or photocopied gift card will not be accepted and will be considered as invalid.


a) Group definition 

One shall have a group rate from 8 persons.

b) Joint commitment:

For special registrations or group registrations, the subscriber has the responsibility to make the General Terms and Sales Conditions and the rates known to the registered participants of the activity. In case of breach of the General Terms and Sales Conditions from one or several customers, the payment of the totality of the activities is due by the contracting party.


a) Bad weather conditions

Bad weather conditions are on no account a cancellation cause or adjournment. No refund or report of activity will be made because of the weather conditions, as long as the activity is maintained and assured by Nunayak.

b) Water and technical level

General conditions to practice white-water activities depend on the meteorological conditions. The watershed geography and geomorphology, which compose our different rivers, impact directly on the water level of the river. For instance, it results floods from those natural effects, which usually also control the rising and cooling-down periods that depend on the past and current weather conditions. Nunayak reserves the right to change or modify the usual courses of the activity. The modification of the activity courses is in no account a cancellation cause.

c) Cancellation

On principle and any state of cause:
  • In case of cancellation a week before the activity starts, 40€ will be kept as an application fee.
  • In case of cancellation less than a week before the activity happens, no refund will be made.
  • Any interrupted activity or if an activity did not take place because of an insufficient physical and/or technical level or because of a wound arisen during or even after the course will not be refunded. It won’t also be possible to change the planned activity.
  • In case of impossibility for a customer to come at the planned hour or date, whatever the reasons are, no complaint will be admitted, and no refund nor activity modification will be possible. Our guides reserve the right to modify every program with or without any advance notice depending on the weather and/or safety conditions of the customers without any possible claim of the participants. Schedules and/or dates of the courses can be modified and/or moved at any time: it does not engender the cancellation of the planned activity.

d) Our qualified court

The Bonneville court of major jurisdiction.