Découvrez les activités à faire dans la Vallée du Giffre en Haute-Savoie (74)

Les sports d'eau vive


Are you tempted to jump into this inflatable boat? Rafting Haute Savoie is for you!

Raft Xpert

Form a crew and board a mini raft to sail independently.


A real treat to taste the spirit of kayaking....

Open Kayak

Sport and pure sensations...


Experience the river differently with hydrospeed, you're in the water, following the current and surfing the waves


Together, share the joys of the river and the techniques of navigation.


Follow the water with harness and rope... The adventure begins...

Activités en plein air

Via ferrata

To touch the great sensations of emptiness and the effort of ascension

Raft Xpert

Les meilleures randonnées de la vallée du Haut Giffre.


Come and discover the wonders under the ground in caving!


Discover the world from the sky by paragliding....